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Peace of Mind
Homeowners want to know that we will quickly return their homes, and their lives, to normal and the we will do so with as little confusion as possible. An agent wants to know that his or her policyholder is given the kind of service and care that reflects back positively. Claim representatives do not want any surprises. They all want "piece of mind', and this is the brand promise.


​Whether the water, smoke, or fire emergency is large or small, we will do everything humanly possible to help restore people's lives, home and businesses back to normal. We know that doing the best technical job is expected. What we do is understand the emotional needs of those involved and deliver a remarkable customer service experience. 



​The servicemaster guarantee:

Why ServiceMaster Restore?

Service drives us, integrity guides us

For 60 years, ServiceMaster Restore® has held strong to our core value of providing restoration services with the utmost integrity and understanding. We take our relationships personally and work directly and collaboratively with our customers to provide the optimal solution. 24/7/365, day or night, the experts at ServiceMaster Restore work to get the job done right and stay by your side until you are satisfied with the results.

We Are Guiding our customers through uncertain times, providing support and guidance from beginning to end to help customers navigate the solution that's right for them

We Are Genuine and provide the care, understanding and integrity our customers deserve

We Are Experts who wrote the playbook, continually set the standards and know how to do it best

We Are Committed to our customers and work with them throughout the process, do what we say we'll do and follow up to ensure satisfaction

We Are Accessible 24/7/365 to answer our customers, ease any confusion and provide understanding throughout every step of the process.